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Special Private minibus from Airport to Hotel service @990 Baht/minibus(Basis 1,200 Baht/minibus:Maximum 10 Pax)

Macloed Island - Top!
Hidden Deep in Mergui Archipelago (4 Days 3 Nights)

Macloed Island in Mergui Trip: "Only the place you can consume the most beautiful photography"

We are talking about "It is over the top of Beautiful Level." About somewhere is hidden amid the thick nature of Andaman, somewhere is just for special one who need a great luck finding the place and somewhere you never seen the "Crown" around.

"Macleod Island" it is the oasis island on the Andaman. The island is located in the center of Mergui Archipelago. In the moment ExcursionsPro cooperates to open the private package of special vacation live.

Macloed Island Package is limited is just 15 people per day, the package offers a nice air-condition bungalow as accommodation on the private island. And 4 reserved points snorkeling those is reserved for the customer from ExcursionsPro Only. (Secret Private Points of the Archipelago)

Before submit the booking to "The most attraction Island.", please see the highlight pictures and detail in the package.

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island

The wooden bungalow styles located on the beach with Air-Condition, Hot Water, and Nice balcony. On very far away island, but the hotel is very comfortable amid the nature.


Day 1 Minibus picks up from Phuket Airport, or any hotel in Phuket and Khaolak area.
11:00 AM: Arrival Ranong (A border province, southern of Thailand) - Our Staff arrange to clear immigration to Myanmar.
11:20 AM: Speed Boat leave from Ranong to Khowthong. Stop for shopping at the little seaside town of Myanmar, as waiting for stamped in the Documents.
11:40 AM: The speed boat run fast to the Mergui Archipelago.
13:00 PM: Arrival the heaven on Earth: Macloed Island. 10 Wows...The clear blue sea, the highest forest completed and the filled white sandy beach is between. "Real Charm and Nice Atmosphere."
14:00 PM: No people like to get in the room, but we check in before. And let your heart guide you on the first day.
"We have 4 beaches on the Island, you can paddle the canoe (We offer as free of charge) around to do the snorkeling and see the strange fishes around."
19:00 PM: We serve the Dinner at the restaurant. Live your night life with the stars on the beach...

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
The snorkeling points: 4 sites are reserved is just for the customer of Macloed Island only.
No other people can reach the places. Yes, Special!!

Day 2 Breakfast
10:00 AM: We start to do the snorkeling on the first day. 4 Points of Difference Site.
  - Resurrection Points: The place covers all area of Rock Bay. Around 20 years ago, the fishermans make a fish bomb in the area and killed the big stuff of fishes. as well as the coral reef. After 20 years, the new coral is sprout. All area is covered by the new soft coral come out from the death reef.
  - Overflow Rocks: This place is screat point is kept for the customer from "Macloed Island" only. No people notice this. There is the 4 rocks Island and the water is flowing over. All area is covered by the big Sea Flowers and other all kinds of coral. Yes, a million kinds of fishes.
  - Fishes Center: It is the one beach in 4th of Macloed Island and places is served by Macloed Island Owner for Resort' customer. The place can start snorkel from the boat or walk up from the beach. In the are is full of variety fishes. All kinds of marine life can be seen very easy and simple.
  - Lettuce Coral Bay: The site is covered by the garden of Lettuce Coral and the other coral is mixed in. We take the customer to this point to see a bigger marine life such as Turtle, Sting Rays, Giant Fishes etc..
16:00 PM: We come back to the resort: more happy with your own beach.

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
The day that you can compare between the people eyes view and bird eyes view.
Which is one is the best.
We are quite sure, you love them both.

Day 3 Breakfast.
  We recommend to eat more. Because of the resort includes just Breakfast and Dinner for today (No Lunch.)
09:00 AM: Relaxing Day: Use the canoe, paddle out to the other 3 beaches, do the snorkeling from the beach or walk around to see a variety of big birds (All birds on this island are very big like a hence)
16:00 PM: The Jungle Tour Guide say "hello" and he leads to do the jungle walk to see the beautiful nature of this safari.
  Walk up to the top mountain of the Island: There are 3 Points of absolutely beautiful view point. Waiting for sunset, before come down for dinner.
19:00 PM: Dinner.

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
The beautiful point of under the sea at Macloed Island can be seen just by the snorkeling around the Island. What you have to do: You just paddle the canoe with from the main beach to the other 3 sub-beaches and do the snorkeling.
4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
The weather at the day is quite hot, but the sea breeze is gently pass by all the time,
It makes you get more fun with the activities on the clear sea water

Day 4 Breakfast, Relaxing before Good Bye.
10:00 AM: Preparing the bags and check out.
11:00 AM: The speed boat leave from the Paradise.
12:30 PM: Arrival "Khowthong" Our staff arrange for Stamp Out the Documents and leave the Khowthong to Ranong.
13:30 PM: The Minibus picks up and stop for Lunch on Thai Food Restaurant in Ranong, before run fast back to Phuket or any where you may inform us before.

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island
You can consume the most beautiful topography of the nature and the best service from the local staff with the "simple the best style"


34,000 Baht/Person (Double Room)
39,000 Baht/Person (Single Room)

Price Includes::

  • R/T transfer from Phuket Airport, Khaolak, or Krabi to Ranong.
  • Immigration Fee (Both Stamp In and Stamp Out)
  • Accommodation as Air-Condition Bungalow on the Island.
  • Tours: Snorkeling, Jungle Walk.
  • Canoeing Gears on the Beach
  • English Tour Guide
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner....Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.....Breakfast/Dinner....Breakfast/Lunch
  • Insurance: Inbound (As in Thailand) Outbound (As in Myanmar)

4Days3Nights Macloed Island 4Days3Nights Macloed Island

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